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Ok, I got it
Welcome to the Brand New website for BriSCA Formula One Stock Car Racing Driver
Craig Daniel Smith #407
My Pages
Craig is making a return to racing in 2007(?!) after a six year lay off and aiming to bring some fun and spectacle to a contact racing formula he feels has lost it's edge in recent times.

Dont be mistaken though! He will be aiming to win as well as make the fans sit up and take notice!
On this site we aim to bring the newer fans an insight into Craigs earlier exploits and also to hopefully give the older fan a few smiles along the way down memory lane into the future.

This site will be viewed best in 1024x768 resolution, please use the menu on the left to negotiate the site, using the 'click here for homepage' to return here.

I hope you enjoy the site and be sure to check back regularly as I will be chasing Craig for regular updates!
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UPDATED 18-07-2007 >>> Meeting Reports page updated   Crashers Views on the meeting<<<     >>> Check Back Regularly As Things Are Going To Pick Up Speed !!! <<<
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CDS Racing 2006
Many thanks to Stoxnet's Jimmy 259 for letting use this!